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Kenneth W. McClary


Fort Lauderdale, Florida




Rogers, Arkansas


University of Phoenix


Movies, Music, Amateur Photography

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My name is Ken McClary and I am originally from South Florida. I started working in web design and online marketing back in 2002 and started to work my way into social media in 2006. Over the years I have designed hundreds of personal and business websites including large scale enterprise applications. I have acquired a combined total of over one million newsletters and social network subscribers for my clients and personally have over a quarter million subscribers for my various social outlets.

Make sure all my decisions elevate my family. Learn something new every day.

My Skills

Over the years I have picked up different skill sets that were needed at the time to get the job done. This includes but not limited to web and graphic design, video production and editing, and photography. With some practice I might actually get good at one of them.







My Resume


University of Phoenix


2 Years

June 2008 - May 2010

Google Search University

Countless Online Tutorials

12 Years

June 2002 - Present

Work Experience

Social Media and Web Design

Whistler Group, Inc. - Bentonville ,AR

3 Years

December 2011 - Present

My main job duties include monitoring of all social media activity, content and video creation, web design and developement.

SD Web Promotions

5 Years

Jan 2009 - Present

Freelance web and graphic design, social media development, online marketing, and local business promotions

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Client Testimonials


Just want to make it clear that I make no claims of being a "REAL" photographer but I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Portfolio 1
Historic Downtown

One of my favorite things downtown is the old ad artwork

Portfolio 2
Local Cuisine

A picture of my lunch on day at Pressroom in Bentonville

Portfolio 3

I am not sure if I just like the look of the church or the picture I took.

Portfolio 4

This sign stood out to me on a visit to Springdale one day

Portfolio 5
City Park

This a picture that I took at Tower Park in Rogers Arkansas

Portfolio 6
Monte Ne Inn

The leftovers from Monte Ne after they sank the town under Beaver Lake

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Ken McClary
Rogers, AR 72758
Phone: 479-426-7006